As a Financial Advisor I believe my purpose is to help people optimize the financial resources and opportunities that God has given them.   I have years of management and financial training at my disposal to deliver that goal and our firm uses seven core values to measure your progress.  I believe there is no reason that finances need to be intimidating for people and I place a focus on making the process enjoyable and occasionally fun.  Ultimately, I want to make your finances a source of security and remove any anxiety that holds you back.

In addition to providing financial and investment guidance I have earned my Enrolled Agent credential from the IRS and I offer tax preparation as a service.  This service is open to anyone regardless of whether they are a financial advisory client or not.

Family:  I am married to my wife, Lauren, since 2013.  Together we have two daughters, Charleigh and Lucy.  I am also a step dad to Micah.  Together we all live in Westerville where I have been a resident since 2000.

Faith:  I was raised Catholic while growing up in Boardman, Ohio a suburb of Youngstown.  Once I left to attend college I became a holiday only church attender.  That continued until 2008 when I found a church that ignited my desire to know Christ and I was baptized a Christian.  I have been a member of Lifepoint Church since then and you can find me there on Sundays.

Fun: I love every music genre and enjoy live music every chance I get.  I love all science fiction from super heroes to space movies.  I try to keep active through running, boxing classes, and weight training.  I also like to contribute my time to serving others and I serve in many roles for my church and my community.